Going Nuts over Nut Free Bakeries

Going Nuts over Nut Free Bakeries

Bakeries pose challenges for food allergic people.  Even if the delicious looking chocolate cupcake in the case doesn’t have nuts in it, the pastry next to it might be covered in peanuts.  Since most bakery items are premade in areas where nuts are also handled, I have abstained from eating at bakeries since my diagnosis at age six.  It’s much easier to find prepackaged items that are nut free, but I never encountered a bakery where I could eat everything until recently.

A couple years ago I heard about a nut free bakery in New York City called Eleni’s.  My family stopped by while we were vacationing in the city, and never wanted to leave.  It was such a magical feeling to know that I could eat anything in the bakery without worrying about my allergies.  I ate several cupcakes at the bakery and bought some to go.  Eleni’s also sells cookies at their only location in NYC’s Chelsea Market and the cookies are carried by other stores around the US (I have found them at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls).  The crispy cookies come in many different types (my favorite being the chocolate chip ones), and I always have a box of them on hand.  I have been to NYC a couple more times since, and I am always sure to pick up a few cupcakes.

I thought that if NYC had a nut free bakery, Washington DC might have one too.  It does- Dog Tag Bakery is a nut free bakery located in Georgetown that benefits veterans by giving them work experience and guidance.  The bakery has a case full of delicious fresh pastries as well as cookies and brownies, and it sells bakery items online as well.  The interior of the bakery is cute as can be; it’s decorated with red, white and blue and houses its own dog tag engraver.

So, next time you’re traveling somewhere, look up allergy friendly bakeries.  You never know what you might find!


Little Rae’s Bakery

My family recently traveled to Seattle for a summer vacation.  Before we left for the trip, we researched Seattle’s nut free options for food and dining.  In doing so, we came across Little Rae’s Bakery.  This bakery is completely peanut and tree nut free, and their delicious products are sold in many cafes and markets around Seattle including Pike Place Market. Their bakery items and sandwiches are wrapped in plastic wrap and are easy to pack.  While in Seattle, we called the bakery to ask a question and staff worker Maureen was so sweet and helpful.  It was great to be able to relax and eat safe food while out whale watching on a boat far from shore, hiking high up on Mt. Rainier, and also on the plane ride home.  We tried their sandwiches, cookies, brownies, pumpkin bread, and croissants throughout our stay, and enjoyed every product.  So, if you ever find yourself in Seattle, be sure to try Little Rae’s Bakery’s products (even if you do not have food allergies) because you will not be disappointed!